Instruction for manhole cover installation

The frames of the manhole covers are placed on concrete or reinforced concrete structures (base).

The main designation of the supporting reinforced concrete base/cone (SRCB/C) is to redistribute the transmitted load to protect the manhole cover from breakage. The supporting reinforced concrete base / cone reduces the load on the cover 10 (ten) times.

The scheme below shows the mounting sequence for the supporting reinforced concrete base/cone (SRCB/C). The ring/frame and the cover are placed on the supporting SRCB/C.

Please, NOTE!

The ring with the cover is placed on the reinforced concrete base/cone (SRCB/C) and not on the shaft covering plate.

  1. Do not place the ring (frame) directly on the shaft plate or on the base of brickwork. Due to constant loading and under aggressive environment conditions the bricks (masonry) under the pressure from the ring on the cover are destroyed and the cover along with the ring drops below the road surface level. Due to its incorrect position / incorrect supporting surface, the ring flange breaks leading to the destruction of the shaft plate and to an overhaul of the sewerage system. The resulting repair works create problems for the road users, cost a lot of money and can lead to traffic accidents.
  2. The cover of the manhole shaft should be installed on the same level as the carriageway. No element of the manhole shaft should protrude above the road surface to avoid shock loading and vehicles’ damage.
  3. Manhole cover tilting during mounting is not allowed. This will result in its dropping and formation of bumps, provoking destruction of the cover and damage of the vehicles.
  4. When installing manhole covers, use only certified SRCB/C, factory made from reinforced concrete according to EN/BDS standard.

Abbreviations on the scheme:

  • MC – manhole cover
  • SRCB/C – supporting reinforced concrete base / cone
  • SP – shaft plate
  • SS – sewerage shaft

An exception to the rule are the A15 type manhole covers (maximum load of 1.5 tons), which can be mounted directly on the shaft plate. The ring / frame of the manhole should lie with its entire surface on the supporting base / cone, no protruding parts are allowed.

All manholes of RECO Production Ltd.Comply with size EN124 / BDS and are mounted on a supporting base / cone (SRCB/C) without any clearance.