About us

RECO Production Ltd. has been set up to produce products for road, water & sewerage (W&S), electrical and telecommunication infrastructure of polymer-composite material. Our business extends Worldwide, as our customers are distribution companies of plumbing and electrical materials, as well as companies constructing plumbing, electrical and optical FTTH networks.

In 2016, RECO Production Ltd. started its business using two smelters, twelve molds/dies and six hydraulic presses.

In 2019, the equipment was increased to three smelters, twenty-five molds and sixteen hydraulic presses.

In 2019, we started production of water meter shafts applying the method of rotational molding of polyethylene (PE).

The mission and spirit of RECO Production Ltd. is embedded in its name: R – Recycling, E – Ecology, C – Creativity and O – Obligation.

Main component of our products are different polymer types.

Our vision for a cleaner nature makes us process waste polymers and put them into our production. This makes our products unique in view of their 100% recyclability.

Our goals are to offer innovative and effective technological solutions, to be an integral part of our partner’s daily lives, to bring the spirit of positive change, to modernize, develop and facilitate their work.